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George Ronald

Sacred Acts, Sacred Space, Sacred Time

Sacred Acts, Sacred Space, Sacred Time

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by John Walbridge

The first in the series Bahá'í Studies, John Walbridge's Sacred Acts, Sacred Space, Sacred Time is an exploration of several areas of the sacred in the Bahá'í Faith, including:

  • Bahá'í law and its background
  • The rites of life and death - prayer and worship, fasting, purity and funeral laws
  • Bahá'í teachings on wealth, including inheritance and the Huqúqu'lláh
  • Pilgrimage, Bahá'í shrines and holy places
  • Mystical writings of Bahá'u'lláh
  • The Bahá'í Calendar
  • Bahá'í Festivals

Bahá'í Studies is a challenging new series developed for students of the Bahá'í Faith and those teaching courses on the religion. Subjects to be covered by the series include the history and development of the religion, its sociology, theology and literature, as well as the religious, social and cultural contexts of its birth and growth.

Bahá'í Studies will be especially interesting to those with an academic interest in the Bahá'í Faith, those who wish to undertake a serious study of the religion and those who want to study it at a level deeper than is possible with introductory books. Libraries and academic institutions will find the series a particularly useful addition to their collections.

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