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George Ronald

Rebekah's Well

Rebekah's Well

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by Trish Wilkinson

The lives of women and men mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Qur'án as well as those from Bahá'í history, recounted in the story-telling tradition.

Rebekah, wife of Isaac, daughter-in-law of Abraham, changes the course of history when she assists her second-born son, Jacob, to take the birthright from his brother, Esau. The consequences of her action reverberate throughout the ages.

In the story-telling tradition, Trish Wilkinson follows the traces of Rebekah in the stories of the lost Joseph in Egypt, the Samaritan woman met at the well by Jesus, the wife of the Báb, whose explanation of the Surih of Joseph opened a new age for humanity, and Munírih Khánum, whose very life was a gift to her parents from the Báb.

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