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George Ronald



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by Serge van Neck

How can Bahá’ís engage in meaningful dialogue with Mormons? By highlighting the many principles Mormons and Bahá’ís have in common, and providing an in-depth look at core Mormon beliefs and scriptures, this book aims to increase understanding and enable Bahá’ís to look beyond outward differences and reach out to the members of this fast-growing community in a spirit of true friendship.

"This is a thorough and helpful introduction to the Latter-day Saint beliefs for Baha'is and may serve thoughtful Mormons who want to understand how the Baha'i Faith compares to their own beliefs." -
The UK Baha'i Journal

"This work is a sterling example of respectful dialogue with another faith ... Commonalities is highly recommended as a worthwhile read. Its style is also well worth emulating as future authors address the Baha'i relationship to other religions." 
Baha'i Studies Review

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