Comments from a guest (September 2011):

"What a bounty I gained by taking time off from care-giving to visit Corvallis on their 50th anniversary celebration, and the Peaceful Pages bookstore open house. xx and I spent 2 hours shopping for books and teaching supplies. Then, just before leaving, I found a mass-teaching book by Jenabe Caldwell titled "Follow the Instructions" (Baha'i Publishing Trust, 1995).


I have been reading this book out loud to YY and it is a rare experience for both of us. Some of the stories in this book, we heard originally from Jenabe's own lips. Some of the stories in Alaska we lived through with him or we could remember. YY is so interested in these stories that he has become more alert and interactive, and even helping more with transfers out of bed and into the car.


Just like I have been doing, Jenabe uses quotes liberally as the starting point for his stories, each of which are lessons in Baha'i life and teaching. Jenabe is a real good story-teller, and in several stories he illustrates turning away violence with peacefulness, love and prayer. One crucial story is about being in a hi-jacked airplane and doing everything absolutely wrong (ie. not following the instructions), and how that turned out."