Dr. Muhajir

Dr. Muhajir by Iran Furutan Muhajir (Hard Cover) - OUT OF STOCK

In this long awaited account of his life, the reader is exposed to the sheer breathtaking scale of his achievements across the globe. From his first pioneering post in the remote Mentawai Islands of Indonesia, to Africa, to Asia, Australia and the Pacific, to Europe and the Americas, North and South, where eventually he laid down his life, we follow the remarkable journeys and exploits of this promoter and defender of the Faith of God. We learn of his courage in the face of danger and opposition, his audacity and firmness in times of difficulty, and his devotion and zeal in the face of antipathy and complacency. Above all, we learn of his great love for the poor and often exploited masses of ordinary people, especially the peasant-farmers, villagers and indigenous tribes of every continent.

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