E Village Guiding Principles

Principles to guide those engaged in E-Village Market:

(Working Draft)

Peaceful Pages invites those who wish to participate in the e-village market to consider the following statements as guiding principles. It is expected that upon personal reflection you will find yourself able to carry out a practice that is coherent with these. The statements below are a draft that welcomes your suggestions and experience:


  • We regard all people as mines rich in gems of inestimable value. Through proper education, these unique talents and abilities should be nurtured in order to bring benefit to ourselves and our communities.


  • Work is both a right and a responsibility for everyone to pursue. This work or occupation is not always remunerated and can take many forms.


  • When we carry out our occupation in an attitude of service it achieves its noblest expression.


  • Our occupation is chosen carefully on the basis of that which profits us as well as other.


  • We carry out our daily endeavors mindful and always reflecting upon that which leads to our nobility and what degrades us, what leads to wealth and what leads to poverty.


  • We regard the acquisition of wealth (in moderation of course) as a necessity for progress. Care must be taken to the way in which we acquire and expend our wealth. Wealth is praiseworthy if acquired by our own effort and confirmations, through our commerce, agriculture, art and industry. We strive to spend our material possessions in ways that are helpful to others.


  • Our highest goal is to manage our resources carefully and thoughtfully in order to start endeavors that will enrich others. Among the endeavors that bring prosperity to others are promoting knowledge, starting schools, encouraging art and industry, training or caring for those in need, etc.


  • Wealth needs to be in motion and avoid sitting for accumulation only.


  • We will strive to develop an economic model that considers our shared experience, that we see humans as related to one another, and recognize family and community as central to social and spiritual well-being.


  • We will make decisions that take into consideration a careful use of earth's resources and the effect of our products and industry on it.