Initial Response in from our Survey

Thanks to all who participated in our online survey for feedback on our service with a focus on our online presence.

Here are the results! Does this reflect your opinions? Please do comment and share any additional thoughts or suggestions. Or visit our online survey: Peaceful Pages Survey

Frequency of Bahá'í Purchases:

42% purchase Bahá'í books more than twice per year or less

22% once per year

Where do you get your Bahá'í Books?

30% online (various sources)

30% at events

24% Peaceful Pages online

9% BDS online

21% bookstores


Have your purchased from Peaceful Pages online?

51% No

48% Yes


What about more e-books available?

94% just as likely to buy books

6 % less likely


With more downloadable music?

53% just as likely to buy CD and DVD

47% less likely to buy CD and DVD


Overall Experience with Peaceful Pages website

Most people were very happy with the appearance, ability to find what they were looking for, ordering process , shipment and satisfaction. Highest score went to likelihood of recommending the site followed closely by overall service J.


What is most important in choosing a business?

  1. Quality of product
  2. Friendliness
  3. Price
  4. Cooperation
  5. Sustainability Practices
  6. Speed of Shipment
  7. Convenient Location
  8. Investment in Social Causes
  9. Free Shipping
  10. Collaboration with local artists/craftspeople/service providers
  11. Collaboration with foreign initiatives
  12. Competitiveness

Suggested Priorities for Website upgrade:

  1. Option to access individual account and track purchase (23)
  2. Option to add reviews on products (20)
  3. More accurate online inventory (19)
  4. Ability to download audio files (19)
  5. Expand shipping options like 'pick up' (15)
  6. Ability to download text files or e-books (15)
  7. Mobile friendly (14)
  8. More stories and community news/learning (11)
  9. Option to upload local photos and interactivity with site (5)
  10. More regular blog entries (3)

We enjoyed your uplifting comments and particularly any specific material or practice that is useful to you and your communities.

Thank you!

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