Heartwarming visit

A tiny heartwarming blessing of working in the bookstore:

On February 14th, a gentleman driving through town decided to stop by our store and pick up some books. He was beginning his study of the Bahá'í Faith and had several books on loan from his friends in Southern Oregon. He wanted to return the books and have copies of his own. So the nice man found the replacements, added a few others to his collection and proceeded to check out. As he departed he mentioned his wife was waiting in the car and they'd be on their way to a nice dinner and evening out. With a sparkle in his eye he said that he does plenty of 'withdrawing' from the relationship and it was time for him to make some 'deposits'. His enthusiasm was so radiant, I dared ask how long they had been married;  45 years was his answer.

The day had just become brighter through their visit. Face to face marketplace interactions are priceless.

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