Dated, yet timely

While seeking a specific publication for a customer I stumbled upon " The Five Year Plan, 2001-2006: Summary of Achievements and Learning", printed by the Baha'i World Center. My worried mind went right to thinking "Well now here is an outdated publication!", so I began flipping through the pages. Did I ever notice the wonderful photographs before? Wait, an insert on microfinance? An article on when and how to seek external funding for projects!? Establishments of local schools?! Experience on recruiting youth from the community for service?

This may have happened somewhere in the world over 6 years ago, but just the idea of these were highly relevant to the locality where I'm living. Perhaps to you too!

So let me share with you my excitement and renewed interest to look through this wonderful publication with fresh eyes. Eyes seeking to gain insights that might inspire and guide the activities were are engaged in right here.

5 Yr Plan Summary 2006 4

5 Yr Plan Summary 2006 3

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