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Step into the bookstore

How about coming in for a look?

Open the door and see our huge selection:

Bookstore 1 Bookstore 2

You'll see some artwork, a shelf with books on clearance, children's books in the corner followed by many copies of writings from the central figures of the Baha'i Faith and books for training.

Bookstore 3

Over here you'll find books in Spanish, Persian and at least one in French. Over to the left a huge bookshelf devoted to explorations on various topics such as Education, Love, Economics, Psychology, Conflict and Peace.

Bookstore 4

And now for a view of our biographies, books of stories and writings on spiritual and mental health as well more art and jewelry.

In the next room, you'll find our office desk where we process your order, pack your boxes (in re used boxes) print labels and store our Cd's and other audio visual products!

Order Book 1 Order Book 2

Thanks for stopping by!


National Fundraising

We just got a case of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and bags created by friends to raise funds for the Baha'i National Fund.

100% of proceeds will be donated to the Baha'i Fund.

T-shirts come in dark blue, turquoise, red, and pink. Sizes include child, youth (ladies and men), adult. Come by, call us or visit a Baha'i summer camp or school to check these out!

Female t-shirt front and back:

T shirt front Tshirt back

Baha'i swag:

Bahai Swag

06 11 2012

Many new steps are being taken by Peaceful Pages. Here are just a few

#1 Stretching to reach out to local artists, craftspeople and service providers who want to partner with Peaceful Pages to promote, sell, distribute and market their work. We offered a special of taking only 19% commission to the first 19 to respond. In a matter of hours we received 8 positive responses! There is still room for more.

Our greatest joy comes from the happiness and encouragement this provides to those who are gifted with unique talents, abilities and conditions. It is hoped that this collaboration will assist more people to supplement or advance their material prosperity while utilizing their talents for their own benefit and that of the community.

On our 'to do' list is to check into the use of the 'hours' program to accept these in form of payment for some of our products. We also want to learn about ways to take our 'store front' into the community. Feel free to pass on ideas!

Have you seen these hand engraved marble and granite round and oval pieces with the Baha'i Greatest Name and Ring Symbol?

CC Greatest Name Round Green

How about these delightful and unique hand knit hats from Laura's Good Juju hats? Don't pay attention to the season, we have sold a couple in the last few days! Hats range from $8 - $20.00

Lauras hats

Coming soon: jewelry, cards, woodwork, photography, and more!

#2... I'll leave this for another day.

May 12 2012 - Story Draft 1

Today you are invited to read and share your thoughts on a story.


Below is a link (bright orange... almost unreadable I know - on my next 'to do' list of things to learn about) to a very simple story about a young boy named Malik who is being tested to find contentment in a difficult situation.

The story is published like a little story book but you will notice there are no illustrations. If you feel inspired  by all means share an illustration with us and it might be published! Due credit will be given to the artists.

The story is  bilingual (English/Spanish)

This is a first for us, so let's see how this goes!


Malik Seeks Contentment


Good day!

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