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The end of a calendar year means a lot to businesses, however small! It is time to check our inventory, to look at our expenses and our income, to make sure any outstanding bills are paid and that outstanding orders are fulfilled. Looking at the data can also allow us to gain insights into deeper things: What is most popular? What do sales say about our communities? What may need more promotion? How should these insights affect inventory choices for the following year? And so, here is one data point you may be interested. TOP 10 sellers for 2012 at Peaceful Pages:

Open Door - 10/Pkg

#1 Open Door (over 200 copies!)

#2 Breezes of Confirmation (Hurray for Junior Youth Materials!)

# 3 Photos of 'Abdu'l-Baha

#4 Bahá'í Teachings for a New World Order

#5 The Bahá'í Faith (Teaching book published by Palabra)

#6 Monthly Planners

#7 Ruhi Book 1

#8 Bahá'í Marriage Certificates

#9 Golden Rule Sheets

#10 Gift of Prayers booklets

What insights do you gain from this report?

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  1. Gravatar of Rob SiegelRob Siegel
    Posted Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 10:02:25 PM

    I think that "Open Door" is the best teaching tool I have ever used. Sending this to a good friend in their times of grief truly opens doors to their heart and receptivity is heightened.

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