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Peaceful Pages strives to make available a variety of inspiring, uplifting and educational materials for individuals, communities and institutions.

Materials can be purchased at our store in Philomath, Oregon; at regional schools, conventions or other events we visit; and through our website. Feel free to invite us to an event and we'll be glad to bring some of our inventory.



Our website does not have real time information on our stock inventory. It is possible that you will order an item that is temporarily or permanently out of stock. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and will be happy to work with you on a solution should this problem arise.

It is also possible for us to carry an item that is not listed on our website. Always feel free to email or call with questions about what you are looking for.


Processing/Shipping Time

Your order will be shipped 1-7 days after it has been received. In the event that items are out of stock you will be notified and alternate arrangements will be made.




Peaceful Pages strives to be coherent in its practices. Whenever possible, we re-use shipping boxes and packing material. It is hoped that all packing material can either be re-used or recycled. Cardboard can be added to your co-mingled recycling, plastic film fillers can be recycled at your local grocery stores or recycling centers. Packing peanuts are either biodegradable or may be taken by your local shipping companies. We take special care to utilize our local postal service to avoid excess driving.


If you are concerned about the quality of our shipping materials please let us know.


It is hoped that by ordering in greater quantities from publishers on the East Coast and distributing to customers and communities in the Western United States we will decrease the traffic of small orders accross the country.

We believe strongly in the promotion of both material and spiritual prosperity in our communities. In pursuit of learning in this regard, we invite local artisans, service providers and/or crafts people to collaborate with us in promoting and distributing your work.


Peaceful Pages is a volunteer run business. Our hours of operation may vary, but we will always be happy to serve you.


For questions please call: 503-654-0802,  or write to info @peacefulpages.com

For visits please come to: 375 Benton View Drive, Philomath, OR 97370, USA (call first!)

Your suggestions and feedback are welcome at any time.