Five Year Plan, 2001-2006; Summary of Achievements (Reg $9)

Five Year Plan, 2001-2006; Summary of Achievements

Prepared at the Baha'i World Center, under the supervision of the International Teaching Center, this high quality publication focuses on experience and learning gained by communities around the world in a variety of fields. Beyond experience in directly teaching the faith to large numbers of people, the document digs deeper into learning about strengthening communities, building institutional capacity, initiating and sustaining endeavors of social justice, when to seek financial support for endeavors, attracting high school and college ages youth into the field of service, microfinance initiatives, external affairs, development at the Baha'i World Center, and more!

Beatiful color photography helps create a picture of the uplifting and courageous deeds being carried out around the world. Don't be discouraged by the date! What was done elsewhere years ago, may be timely for us here!

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