Following the advice from the bookstore in me...

A few days ago I advertised the book "Daily Reflections and Stories for Children" as a good way to nurture daily habits at a young age. Around the same time, I found myself lamenting how challenging it has been as a mother of young children to find my own moments to pray and read with any degree of deep contemplation.

What might appear to be an obvious solution to some, has entered and quickly escaped my mind. At this point I will just go ahead and blame sleep deprivation for the lack of connection. Of course! I haven't found the time alone. My children need to develop the habit. Why not do this together!? An obviously simple solution, I know, but can it be implemented?

So I listened to the bookstore part that had advertised that book and bought a copy for myself (yes, even I have to pay for books ;)). That night before reading the Hardy Boys, I brought out our prayer box with special books and added this new one with a Reading and story for every night. My 7 year old complained. Believe me, there is nothing more discouraging than your own children complaining and whining about reading the Baha'i Writings and praying. I took a deep breath and figured he just didn't want to be distracted from the mystery he was about to read about and went on with the plan.

The first chapter was centered on the quality of 'compassion'. We read the prayer and then the quote. The story was titled "The Wild-Looking Woman". My son tried to hide his interest and was relieved when we could go back to the Hardy's, but we have been doing this consistently for the last 10 nights and it is now becoming a natural part of our bedtime routine. We have recognized quotes and prayers from the children's classes and some we know that have been set to music. Some stories are already familiar and I've noticed how they are met with interest as my children feel happy about having some prior knowledge about these.

What can I say. All week I have found myself whispering: "if only my children (and sometimes grownups!) would listen the first time I say something, things would be so much easier!"…. well….I should have been listening to myself too.

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